Hello world!

Who the heck is the Rambler? Well the rambler, of course, is Luke the 4 year old Aussie Shepherd… but I’ll be doing most of the typing n talking. After 30 years in New York I moved to California with my wife Elisa (Ojai native), we’ve been here for almost 5 years now after a disconcerting year in the burbs of LA. When we got Luke it became rapidly apparent that occasional fetch in the yard was not going to suffice. So we started hiking the many great trails in and around Ojai. I’m the sort who wants to know everything in my environment so with the help of some knowledgeable locals I started to learn our local plants. There are plenty of decent websites and books out there for learning the local environs but I always wished for a semi regular forum to discuss and share what was in bloom, trail conditions, stories, pictures. I’ll probably be babbling to myself most of the times but please feel free to comment, send pics, ask questions, make fun of me. I’m far from an expert so I’d always love to learn more. Hope to keep the postings as regular as possible, reviewing the many trails in our area, talk about whats in bloom, and about all the many great resources around here to get involved and make sure the wild stays wild.

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