Sisar… sorta

this is not an official review, camera issues, was too cold to stop much.  love the trip up to upper ojai (sorta), depending who you get stuck behind.  the toyon berries are still kicking up here, unlike down in the valley.  sisar rd itself is always an adventure.  if i may bitch for one second.. ok i see the charm in a bumpy dirt road, but cmon, its like they test mortars out here.  suffice to say don’t drive that last bit without a high clearance vehicle.

like everywhere else, its pretty dry up here, if thats possible for the most riparian hike ojai has to offer year round.  still some rockhopping at the 2 crossings, but things are pretty quiet.  chaparral currant blooming of course, but the real treat up here is the Ribes speciosum, the fuschia flowered gooseberry.  there are literally dozens up here and they all picked this year to flower.  the berries will make quite a feast for the local denizens come summer.  other than that lots of nightshade (Solanim xantii), and some smatterings of wild sweet pea.  we went as far as the first overlook spot after you exit the forest, little over 2 miles i guess?  some hikers, dogs, even a car, remember folks live back here.  will do a proper review soon.

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