who’s the rambler redux

when we are done hiking the trails we head to the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy native plant nursery down by the Ranch House.  My wife and I have run the nursery for the last year under the watchful eye of OVLC’s venerable Rick Bisaccia and resident Deadhead Brian Stark.  We are always looking for volunteers so send an email if you’d like to get involved.  lets all do a rain dance, we are hoping to spruce up the Old Baldwin trailhead this weekend with some homegrown natives, mother nature just not cooperating this year.

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3 Responses to who’s the rambler redux

  1. 3girlmum says:

    You two are of the AWESOME!!! I shall have the girls do a rain dance and I’ll wiggle from my spot on the couch. ;o)

  2. ocdreader says:

    Let’s hope for a rainy weekend!!

  3. Brian Stark says:

    I’ll give extra credit to anyone that sends me a video of a rain dance that I can put on Youtube 🙂

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