Sowing the Seeds

A little Tears for Fears on a Friday back down at Old Baldwin trailhead.  With the prospect of a whopping inch of rain bearing down on the Ojai Valley, I decided to finally scatter seeds that I’d been collecting.   The first tenth of a mile is pretty barren, mostly dead mustard plant, a few nice specimens here and there.  I added buckwheat, black sage, white sage, sagebrush, white yarrow, golden yarrow, california aster, california sunflower (encelia) for small/medium shrubs.   For some wildflower color I spread California Poppy, Elegant Clarkia, Scarlet Larkspur, Scarlet Bugler and even Centaury.

Unfortunately probably not enough rain to get them started but I’ve run out of time.  Thanks a lot La Nina.

A couple of pics from Pratt trail January 2010.

Wild Cucumber


Purple Nightshade

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