Ode on a Showery Monday

I trudged the trail one morning dreary,

My limbs benumbed, feet so weary

Like jewels the drops adhere to tips,

Hummingbirds dive for dainty sips

A red tailed hawk alights on oak,

Angry clouds roll down like smoke

A fork in the trail what shall I do?

A dozen boot treads a crucial clue

I sneer at them cause I’m no sheep,

The untrod path I begin to creep

Alas it’s flooded impassable sludge

Luke’s no fool refuses to budge

I'm no dummy

I’m doomed I’m finished I’ve been forsaken

There’s usually a reason for the road less taken.

(Apologies to Mr. Frost and anyone who knows anything about proper poetry)

Story and photos from the Old Baldwin OVLC trail.

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