Volunteers x 2

Jolly Thursday to my fawning multitudes.

Volunteer #1 – Friend of the Rambler Michelle Dohrn (quinospt@earthlink.net) has a fun opportunity to get your hands in the dirt and help beautify the Ojai Meadow Preserve.  She said it best so let me just cut and paste

Greetings All!
Hope you are all off to a good start to the new year. As some of you know I have been working with Brian Stark (Conservation Director) at the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy (OVLC) to prepare a demonstration butterfly garden over in the Ojai Meadow Preserve (OMP). We have chosen a spot roughly an acre and need volunteers to help weed and plant over a few non-consecutive weekends. I am thinking two weed sessions and one planting session will be all we need to get off to a good start, in the spirit of “If you plant it, They will come”, if you would like to come out and join us for a community effort to help support our local restoration efforts here in the Valley followed by a barbeque at mi casa we would love to have you!
February 25, from 10am-12 with lunch afterwards.  If you think someone else you know would like to participate please feel free to forward this email 🙂
Michelle 😀

Looking down at Casitas from Laguna 1/25

Volunteer #2:  Spent the morning doing the Wills-Rice (or Willis Reed as I like to call it) loop at the OVLC river preserve.  Digging up little baby purple sage, white sage, sage brush, hummingbird sage and scarlet buglers for rehabilitation and relocation.   I only grab ones growing right in the trail,  rescuing them from the 4 month stampede of cows about to start.  Once I get them healthy back at the nursery they’ll head back out to restoration sites.  So if you see a slightly obese man lumbering towards you in a too small wicking shirt brandishing one of those hand weeders fear not I’m just doing my job.  And pet Luke at your own peril, he was most likely rolling in something.

Laguna Ridge looking north

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2 Responses to Volunteers x 2

  1. kathleen hughes says:

    Hey, I would like to participate! Come February 25th where should I meet?
    -Kathleen Hughes

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