Lanny the Cat & The Butterfly Smorgasbord

Thanks to the incomparable Lanny Kaufer of Herb Walk fame for identifying yesterday’s mystery plant:

Gopher Weed

Good ole Gopher Weed.  Even more impressive considering my awful picture.  Named supposedly for its ability to fend off hungry gophers, though there is little empirical evidence to support that.  It is listed as a pretty obnoxious non-native, what do you my loyal throngs think, should I yank it?  I generally don’t like to interfere with mother nature but this is growing right on the river bank where future seeds will be carried for miles.  Anyway I’m true to my word, next cat will be named Lanny, though I think the current resident might take issue:

Felix the Cat

In a follow up to the call for volunteers for the new butterfly garden at the Ojai Meadow Preserve I was going to do a write up today of the local plants that butterflies and their larvae love to feed on.  Then I came across this page from Las Pilitas’ site and I don’t think I will top it.  To summarize for those of you who don’t feel like wading through it… Ceanothus, buckwheat are the best shrubs, lupine is the best wildflower, and oaks and willows for trees.  All sages and a lot of the aster family are also popular, and my favorite (so easy to grow from seed) is Narrow leaf Milkweed.  These are fairly well known, but I was surprised by how important native violets are, as well as deerweed, which we are desperately trying to propagate at the nursery.

We hope to interview Michelle next week to find out more about this fun project.

Keep on ramblin’

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5 Responses to Lanny the Cat & The Butterfly Smorgasbord

  1. Lanny Kaufer says:

    I’m not sure there’s room in this town for another cool cat named Lanny. Feel free to use “Lanster” “Lanford” “Lannigans” “Lan-O” or any other variation you come up with.

  2. We of the OVLC Restoration Field Crew often have to weed Gopher Spurge at our planting at the Confluence Preserve. We refer to it as “Euphorbia” its genus name. It pulls out easily and grows to be five feet tall with weird seed pods on top. Since I’m weighing is as #2 behind Lanny, maybe you could name your cat’s first kitten after me….

  3. ojairambler says:

    For the purpose of furthering my botanical education I will allow it to flower, but not seed. Hands off my spurge.

  4. doctorkdog says:

    They are sneaky seedsters. I usually do a spring spurge purge. (Sorry, couldn’t resist. Probably no one else still reading this anyway by now.)

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