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ballona wetlands article,0,2930790.story I volunteered for a little over a year here, basically pulling ice plant, lots n lots of ice plant.

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Ode on a Showery Monday

I trudged the trail one morning dreary, My limbs benumbed, feet so weary Like jewels the drops adhere to tips, Hummingbirds dive for dainty sips A red tailed hawk alights on oak, Angry clouds roll down like smoke A fork … Continue reading

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Go Boys in Blue

I’m a die hard NY Jets fan, but since they’ve been on the golf course for 3 weeks now I’m happy to root for that nut Coughlin and the boys in Blue.   Being a Jet’s fan I also despise Brady … Continue reading

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Sowing the Seeds

A little Tears for Fears on a Friday back down at Old Baldwin trailhead.  With the prospect of a whopping inch of rain bearing down on the Ojai Valley, I decided to finally scatter seeds that I’d been collecting.   The … Continue reading

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Kennedy Ridge-Kinda parched

Use the northmost parking lot (Oso/Meyer Rd.).  Please drive SLOW into the lot over the speedbumps, I got chastised today.   You will be heading up to the ridge to the north, cross the river, and right after you cross the … Continue reading

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Ramblin’ in the Garden

No hiking on Wednesdays usually… so some pics from my very own garden… I’m an awful photographer, but digital makes it easy to occasionally luck into a decent one.  Pretty sure all of the plants you see were purchased from … Continue reading

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who’s the rambler redux

when we are done hiking the trails we head to the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy native plant nursery down by the Ranch House.  My wife and I have run the nursery for the last year under the watchful eye of … Continue reading

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