Who let the cows out?

Just a quick update for those of you who enjoy hiking Sulphur Mountain.  Our bovine friends are slowly making their way down the hill and leaving land mines the whole way.  I got close to the 2 mile marker and thought I was safe, though I could hear them lowing in the distance.  Hmm, where’d Luke go.. he was right here… egads.

What, is there something on me?

For the next 4 months they’ll be grazing and decorating.  So those of you with bovinophobia or who don’t feel like hosing your genius dog down, find another trail.   Though you will be missing out on some of the more impressive patches of Fuschia Flowered Gooseberry, Hummingbird Sage, and Canyon Sunflower in the area.  Not to mention some truly epic walls of Monkeyflower cascading down the hills.  I spotted my first of the season, pretty early, you don’t usually see these in the wild for another few months. Darn drought screwing everything up.

First of the season!

Still waiting patiently for the first reader submitted flower photo…. ojairambler@gmail.com

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