Help Wanted

What : Volunteers to help propagate native plants for restoration of OVLC properties.  Learn to take cuttings, gather,  clean and process seeds, prepare trays for the seeds and cuttings.

Who:  Age, sex, experience not important.  Ability to walk and chew gum simultaneously preferred.  Chronic yappers and Red Sox fans need not apply.  Must love dogs and steaming ankle-high piles of horse apples.

Why:  So you can feel that Dr. Frankensteinian thrill course through your veins as you watch your young charges mature into thirsty little photosynthesizing monsters.  So 5 years from now you can take your child/Great Aunt Eunice/trained pet marmot to the trail where your plants now thrive and intone with great gravity….look upon all that I have bestowed upon great Gaia.  Also we occasionally would like help.

Where: Any of the OVLC’s properties, climb every mountain, ford every sea etc etc.  The nursery is around the corner from The Ranch House.  So we won’t be leaving Ojai at any point, physically at least.

When:  Any morning except Wednesday (the Rambler needs some Netflix catching up time).  On the trail around 8ish, at the nursery by 10ish, homeish by 11ish.  I do weekdays.. Mrs. Ramblette is your guide on the weekends.

Come for the gathering, the processing, or better yet both.  Contact me at and we’ll work out a day.

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2 Responses to Help Wanted

  1. trailblogs says:

    I am definitely interested in helping out with this.

  2. Erica Sumner says:

    I helped Elisa in the nursery a while back and would like to start helping again! I’ll send you an e-mail…

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