Luke’s not so excellent adventure

(All pictures actually from the day of the story and 3 days after, April of 2009)

I was still but a pup.. not quite 1 1/2 years old (about 10 to you humans).  In the back of the ole Saturn, I can tell we are leaving Ojai… Puppy ears popping… road starts swerving.. drool.. drool.. ugh I hate how he drives.  Up into the mountains.. nose filling with the scent of spanish broom.. more curves…slobber slobber…finally we turn.  oh no not Howard Creek.. too steep and hot…Lion’s camp? nooo too many ticks… finally we park.

Oh I remember this place with the big white rocks to run around on…ahh.. stretch my legs.. go mark a few dozen spots.. river is pretty high today, fun to rock hop.. such a nice sunny day, so many flowers.

Flowering Ash

Scramble over the big white rocks.. this is where we turned around the only other time we were here… Oh no he’s doing that annoying geocachingthing again.  I get to sit here and lick myself while he plays hide and seek in the bushes.  What a dork.  Going downhill now into a river valley… So many wildflowers!

Heading north after Piedra Blanca

Western wallflower, foothill penstemon

Lunchtime.. finally.  Oh great, a Kirkland doggie bone.. Turkey pleeeeease… pleeeease… yay thank you, what a guy you are Rambler… Finally heading back, we pass the camping site again.. bunch of teenagers there.  Yes I know, I know I’m very handsome.. thanks for saying so.  Ugh one more geocache.. so bored… I’m just going to sniff around while he’s fiddling around up in that burnt out oak tree….hey.. whats this.. weird sniff…

Big trouble

Ahhhh crap! SOB bit me on the nose!!! Damn that smarts… What are you hissing about I’m the one who’s hurt.  Are we done geocaching yet?  OK my nose is starting to throb… Wait, why are you trying to pick me up.. dude, I can walk, lets just get out of here, sweet sentiment and all but you’ll drop dead before we get 100 yards…

2 miles to get back to the car

Almost 2 miles back to the car.. up the steep hill out of the valley.. over the white rocks.. across the river.

Back in the car.. hey man stop driving so fast.. Um.. starting to feel a little swollen back here.  Wait.. where are we.. gahhhh! the vet I hate this place.  Oh no! needles.. ahhhhh.. why are you leaving me here!

So confused… 2 days here… Finally its time to go home.  Stop staring at me… I feel like crap.. I’m gonna nap for like a week.

Fat face

And I’m not messing with those scaly things again, or anything that sounds or looks like it.

Look away... I'm a monster

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3 Responses to Luke’s not so excellent adventure

  1. Kristin Dame says:

    I thought that Luke looked tough!!! He Took on that mean SOB and walked away!!!
    Luke, your my hero!!

  2. James says:

    Howdy Rambler,

    Just checking in on your new hobby. Pretty impressed about how well your site is doing already – after-all, I’ve been at it for over 2 years and didn’t grow that fast to start. Good stuff!

  3. chuck says:

    Ouch!! I remember that terrible day too. Happy you “both” survived to ramble another day!

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