Hail to the Chiefs

President’s weekend is upon us, and a quick check of the handy dandy events calendar reveals only one event of note.  I asked Lanny over at Herb Walks if he had any previews for tomorrow’s hike up Gridley in Ojai.  He put it best so I’ll just cut and paste:

1) we’re going into a cooling trend the next couple of days making Saturday perfect weather for climbing up the Gridley trail.
2) it doesn’t start until 9:30. such a late start doesn’t work in the summer but nice now.
3) we’ll also check out the new connector trail to the fuelbreak trail that the OVLC now administers
4) a one-time offer! anyone subscribed to your blog gets a $5 discount!
5) also, my standing offer: anyone who goes on 3 walks or hikes in a season goes on the 4th one free
6) this is labeled an “herb hike” because of the steep grade and rough terrain of sections but actually won’t be more than 2 miles or so round trip

To summarize.. perfect weather, sleep in a little, short but steep, check out a neat new trail at a huge discount.  Cool bonus, on the new Fuelbreak trail that Lanny will show you, keep your eyes open on the downhill side for a funky white/purple sage hybrid that Rick B spotted last year.  Anyone who sends in a good pic of it gets an exclusive hand embroidered Ojai Rambler codpiece.  Football’s done, the Lakers are meh and baseball doesn’t start for a month so get out there!

Also I’d like to give a shout out to a really cool new blog that the wife discovered while trying to chart my meteoric ascent up the google searches.  Josh over at Trailblogs does some great local trail reviews, a lot more details than my scatterbrained missives.  Features really nice pictures that don’t look like they were taken by a blind epileptic (like mine).

Keep ramblin’

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3 Responses to Hail to the Chiefs

  1. Lanny says:

    You’re too hard on yourself, Ron. You deserve kudos for taking the time to get out, take photos, ID the plants, and tie it all together with your special brand of self-deprecating humor. Thanks for spreading the word about my hike.

  2. James says:

    I agree with Lanny. And your blog is extremely popular for only having been around a month, etc. Just use the “more” tag. lol

  3. I was kind of hoping I could get a Rambler Codpiece for having at least spotted the white/black sage hybrid on Fuelbreak Road Trail, or at least the monogram can opener….?

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