Parched – The Thacher Edition

Wandering the Horn Canyon trails as well as OVLC’s Il Vento preserve on a sunny but cool Tuesday morning.  Ordinarily the hills would be a veritable farrago (dontcha love that word) of wildflowers, grasses and flowering shrubs.  But Mama Nature has withheld her aqueous bounty this year and we’ll just have to make do with a random bloom and the usual perfect scenery of our valley.

By the way I want to thank loyal ramblers Johnny Casper and Bernie Birnbaum for helping with propagation this week.  For their effort and time they will receive two complimentary passes to the Ojai Rambler Wildflower Extravaganza and Family Fun Park, opening date 2025.  To everyone else who wrote I’ll be going out again next week. if you’d like to learn.

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2 Responses to Parched – The Thacher Edition

  1. ocdreader says:

    I don’t know about Johnny, he gave me the high hat last time.

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