Blooms of the Month for February – Garden Edition

Greeting Ramblers on another resplendent Ojai Sunday morning.  Hope everyone had a fruitful Saturday, I saw at least a dozen people over at Michelle’s future butterfly garden site busily weeding away.  Elisa and I were at the nursery moving hundreds of sages, buckwheats, bush mallows, penstemons into 2 inch pots so Michelle has something to plant next month.  In the afternoon I did something profoundly depressing and disconcerting.. no I didn’t finally clean out my garage… I watered my garden… in February for heaven’s sake!  Even a “drought tolerant” garden needs a little help if we don’t get winter rains.  Well, at least I don’t have to pay Golden State Water (ouch I know that was low, sorry east-enders)

I have a dream… a dream that one day my “Blooms of the Month” will feature pictures of flowers that were not taken by a New York souse.  C’mon I know you folks have more than rose bushes and bocce ball courts in your yards, share with the rest of us!

Anyway I will start out with the MVP for February,  Ceanothus Joyce Coulter.  I have a northwest facing yard on a steep hillside with oaks everywhere, so direct sunlight can be hard to come by, especially in the winter.  As much as I enjoy ceanothus, their love of lots of sun precludes me from planting all but the most tolerant of species.  Lovely Joyce Coulter is a fast spreading, lush dark green ground cover that can get almost 15 feet wide and 2 feet high.  It can take torrential floods, earth-baking drought, 14 hours of full July sun or cool oak dappled shade.  It doesn’t mind being shorned or shaped or trained or even espaliered up a wall.  Let’s face it this is a bad-ass native.

Otherwise, considering the dearth of rain it has been a pretty nice month of blooms.  After 3 years my Giant Coreopsis finally bloomed.  You will see these all up the Conejo Grade on 101 on the south side of the road.

Giant Coreopsis

Sages are just getting started, Manzanitas are going from flower to fruit and putting out fresh growth.  Enjoy the rest of this months highlights

Sorry bout the repeat pictures.  WordPress is just a mystery to me sometimes.  Any experts out there?

Send pictures, drop a line, and I can always use volunteers at the nursery.

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2 Responses to Blooms of the Month for February – Garden Edition

  1. Lanny says:

    Thanks for sharing. All from your garden? Impressive!

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