9 Reasons Why Drought Ain’t So Bad

Gee I picked a heck of a year to start writing about wildflowers…

Some fun facts to get you warmed up.  Wettest Ojai rain season on record, 47.3 inches in 1978.  Driest, 7.32 inches in 1972.  This year, around 5 inches with maybe a month left.  Stop whining, just consider:

9.  Less weeds.  Preserve manager Rick in a better mood when he busts you with your dog off leash for the 3rd time

8.  Less ticks and fleas.  All the money you save on Frontline and flea bombs for the pets can go to that Jet Ski you’ve always wanted

7.  You can use that empty rain barrel to make green beer on St. Patty’s day

6.  Less forage means the forest critters wander closer to homes in search of food.  I hear racoons make good pets

5.  Booming business for the local car washes

4.  You can cross the OVLC river bottom without mangling yourself on the slippery algae-covered rocks

3.  I’ve always wanted to visit that archipelago in the middle of Lake Casitas.  Probably be able to walk there by July

2.  Less wildflowers equals less allergies, less tissues, save some trees

1.  We can paint our lawns without worrying about the rain washing the color away

On that note enjoy a couple of pics from the last week, I’m still on the trails everyday, just not that much going on.

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2 Responses to 9 Reasons Why Drought Ain’t So Bad

  1. Lanny Kaufer says:

    I especially like Reason #4 as I am leading an Herb Hike across the river to Wills Canyon this Sunday, March 11. Something I would usually never dream of doing in March. Info at http://www.HerbWalks.com.

  2. Weeds tend to make me cranky and so far I’m in a way better mood this year, because so far (and I’m holding my breath) there are way less weeds over last year (as an example I weed whacked the 2.5 miles of the Old Baldwin Trailhead area trails three times one side at a pass and that equals 15 miles of weed whacking alone just on those trails). As a result I drank a lot more vodka last year and spent more time shooting at targets with high powered weapons.

    People with off leash dogs especially ones causing problems and chasing wildlife can make me cranky anyway……so be forewarned, and if people are cranky back (Ron isn’t one of those to his advantage) my crank factor gets turned up to “nuclear.”

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