After the Storm

Well that was fairly interesting no?  Who doesn’t love doesn’t love a little graupel with their corned beef and cabbage.  I was far too busy with college basketball, laundry and crossword puzzles to hit the trails so Elisa took one for the team on a brisk Sunday morning to get us a little Ojai color.  The pictures are from our yard and from the Old Baldwin VRP trail.

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3 Responses to After the Storm

  1. chuck says:

    It truly was a needed storm and nice to boot. Took me a moment to remember how nice a good rain can be. Maybe tears of joy or (?) for your “better half” in prep for her special day! Thanks again!

  2. findingojai says:

    I recently hiked through the Meadow and noticed tons of these lovely yellow flowers have sprung to life:!/photo.php?fbid=3376466887521&set=a.1645391811726.181383.1144817147&type=1&theater

    What are they called?

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