Take Flight

The events calendar for this weekend is downright intimidating.  The expected flogging from mother nature should hold off until Sunday so no excuses!  There is something for everyone whether you want to clean up a trail, remove some nasty non-native plants, create a butterfly garden, work with condors, learn your birds, or just take a casual hike.  I asked Susan Bee of the Ventura Audubon Society to wet our beaks in anticipation of tomorrow’s beginner birding walk at Emma Wood State Park:

“There are usually (one can never guarantee anything on a bird walk) lots of shorebirds to see such as Avocets, Sandpipers (Western and Least), Long billed Curlew, Marbled Godwit, Sanderlings, and special shorebirds would be the Red-necked Phalarope

Red-necked phalarope

and the endangered Snowy Plover.  We will be looking for Terns, beside the endangered Least, we could see Forster’s, Caspian, Royal; the Elegant and Common would be a more unusual sighting at this time of year.  There are of course Gulls, and at this time of year we could see Bonaparte, Heermann’s, Mew, Ring-billed, California, Western; the Herring and Thayer Gulls would be unusual.   Many birds inhabit the estuarial zone and they vary from season to season, so one never knows”

For those of you not feeling the avian persuasion Michelle Dohrn will be leading a crew planting the new butterfly garden at the Ojai Meadow preserve at 10:30am.  Some of those plants will be from my nursery so be gentle.

If you just have to sleep in to recover from all that elderberry schnapps and miss the busy morning,  Joel Robinson of Naturalist for You will be making his monthly stop in our county to lead a “Wet and Wild” tour of the Rose Valley falls at 2PM

Last but not least if you’d like to stay dry and put your feet up Lanny Kaufer will be giving a Walt Whitman inspired reading as part of “Ojai Wordfest” at the Ojai Library at 4.  Sing us the body electric Lanny!

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