Weekend Happenings

Happy Friday, a relatively quiet weekend ahead compared to last week’s flurry of events.  Rain should hold off for us so two events I’d like to highlight.

On Saturday the California Native Plant Society has organized a wildflower walk led by Charles Blair, he was kind enough to share some highlights:

The 31 March plant walk will feature plants of the Burton Mesa Chaparral, some of which  are listed as rare and endangered.  The Burton Mesa Chaparral is an example of Maritime Chaparral, itself a rare plant community.  Many of the shrubs can be described as “locally abundant of limited distribution.” Examples include the Lompoc Manzanita, Arctostaphlos purisima, Sand Almond, and the Seaside Bird’s Beak.  The spring bloomers are reduced this year, but there are some reasonably good displays.  We often see the Carnival Poppy, a color variant of Cream Cups, with alternating yellow and white petals.

La Purisima manzanita

Seaside bird's beak

Carnival poppy

Very cool stuff.  We don’t have any of these species in this county as far as I am aware.  So head up to Lompoc, enjoy some wildflowers, down to the Ghetto for some wine tasting, over to Los Olivos for dinner, home by 10.  Now that’s a sweet day.

If that hasn’t wiped you out, Lanny will be leading a hike up in Matilija Canyon for a rare Sunday excursion:

“We have many choices among our front-country trails for short hikes and spontaneous botanizing but there is only one clear option for a back-country exploration within minutes of downtown Ojai. That’s Matilija Canyon. Even with our disappointing winter rains and lack of annual wildflowers this year, the chaparral is flowering out there. Ceanothus, Yerba Santa, Bush Poppy, Penstemons, Astragalus and Lupines, among others, were blooming yesterday when I was out there. Manzanita berries are ripening. The Matilija Canyon experience, though, is about much more than colorful blossoms and edible berries. The 360 degree views from the canyon floor give the sense of the great outdoors, the rugged majesty of places like the Sierras and the Alaskan wilderness.  Here’s a shot from yesterday of a Snowy Egret amongst the Mulefat in the headwaters of the Ventura River up there.”

Snowy egret

Check here if you’d like to print out a plant checklist for the canyon.

I know, I was lazy this week, an interview, some pictures, then a little cutting and pasting for today.  I’ll make it up to you I promise, I have some real masterpieces in the works.

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1 Response to Weekend Happenings

  1. chuck says:

    No pressure here Ron. As usual, very informative and enjoyable. thanks.

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