Pretty Good Friday

Spring is upon us, the March rains have breathed new life into our dusty trails.  I actually saw some green bark ceanothus just starting to push out flower buds.  So much great stuff on the calendar for this weekend, weather is supposed to be spectabulous.

I know they’ve been planning this for months so I’d like to highlight the hike up the relatively new Kennedy Ridge trail at the Ventura river bottom preserve.  Between preserve manager Rick Bisaccia and local outdoor expert and raconteur Craig Carey you are in for an entertaining and informative (not to mention invigorating) hike.  Rick whets your appetite:

Join OVLC Preserve Manager Rick Bisaccia and author Craig R. Carey as part of the Wild About Ojai series on a hike up the Kennedy Ridge Trail for a picnic (hiker supplies) at the Gourley Bench and talk about the history and future of the trail and its link up with the El Camino and Oceanview Trails as well as a presentation  by Carey about how he put together his hiking guide to the Ventura and Santa Barbara backcountry which is due out next month by Wilderness Press.  Much of his information will be anecdotal and historical.  The Kennedy Ridge Trail is the only OVLC trail to be featured in the new book.  If you wish to attend please call Marti at OVLC at 649-6852 to reserve a spot.  The event begins at 10 a.m. this Saturday, April 7 at the Ventura River Oso Trailhead and returns to the same place at 2 p.m. The hike is moderate to difficult, requires a river crossing and will take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, one way.

Just to add a little emphasis, this hike will definitely require some stops to catch one’s breath, it’s a great workout.  You will no doubt see this cool tree

On the ridge looking east

Was back out at Murietta on Tuesday and while the ceanothus is starting to fade the late rains have spurred a flush of growth, a couple of pics for you to dig.

Finally…. let’s go Yankees… Good luck to Donnie Baseball and the Dodgers… Angels and their fans can go squat on a Yucca Whipplei

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2 Responses to Pretty Good Friday

  1. Yes, that is flowering ash……

  2. ocdreader says:

    Wow! That yerba santa is gorgeous! Too bad we don’t know how to cultivate that one. We need to work on that…

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