It’s Friday, Friday

How can such a terrible song be permanently etched into my brain, damn You Tube.

First some old business.  I spent a few hours tabulating the results of last week’s “Most Obnoxious Non Native” poll, and the winner was Italian Thistle.  I hope I didn’t sway the vote with my tales of woe, I suppose everyone has their reasons.  The voters for castor bean made a pretty good point, the other 4 are annoying and invasive, but only castor bean will put you in the hospital or worse.  Thanks to everyone who voted.

The mystery plant from Sisar, Lanny identified it as native peppergrass:

Shiny peppergrass

On to new business… another weekend, another slate of outdoor adventures to satisfy your restless soul.  The Audubon Society will be in town for a beginner’s bird walk at Persimmon Hill.  Every year for about 2 days I get these guys visiting my bird feeder:

Black headed grosbeak

Pretty distinctive, I’m not a bird guy is this a good find?  Interesting tidbit the Black headed grosbeak is one of the few birds that can eat the poisonous Monarch butterfly.

On Sunday Joel “No Shoes” Robinson of Naturalist-for-You fame will be leading a wet-n-wild tour up to the Punch Bowls in Santa Paula behind St. Thomas Aquinas college.  The ever-loquacious Joel had this to tempt you:

The hike features a diversity of plant communities, including scrub, chaparral, woodland, riparian, and fir forest.  We will probably see some unique wildflowers.  We can scramble past the first waterfall to other waterfalls.  There are lots of creek crossings.  The sandstone cliffs are pretty dramatic.  The swimming holes are deep enough for diving.  We may see condors.

Hey Joel, what sort of “unique wildflowers” might we find?

Ojai fritillary, stream orchid, onion, columbine, prickly poppy, rockcress, mariposa lily, spineflower, larkspur, etc.

Well there you have it, should be quite an adventure, someone bring a camera please.  Finally we have the second half of the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden adventure where we run amok in the wildflower meadow.  As usual, sorry for the repeat pictures, darn low budget wordpress.

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