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Gridley Checklist

Hiking Gridley to the water trough (less than 3 miles) yesterday.  Spotted 3 from my “rare beauties” list.  I am officially adding Death Camas to my list, with a name like that you know it’s badass.  Ojai Fritillary will be … Continue reading

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Everyday Flora Numero Tres

Back to everyone’s favorite feature; when we get up close and cuddly with a local native plant who’s ubiquitous nature and lack of flashy bloom renders them overlooked and unappreciated. As you look out onto the chaparral covered hills up … Continue reading

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Days of May give Way to Gray

Don’t have enough time to pound on the ole keyboard as much as I’d like but I can at least send you off with some ideas for the long weekend and of course some pictures.  It’s May, if I can’t … Continue reading

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Rambling Resources

This is a post I’d been meaning to write since week one.  See I even have a lonely little category tag called “resources”, a few internet moths flew out when I clicked on it.  Well I’m aimin’ to rectify the … Continue reading

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Rare Beauties

Quite a few reasons why I started this blog oh so many eons ago.  I was driving poor Lanny insane with my monthly “help me figure out this plant” pleas.  Now I’ve got all seven of you to help me … Continue reading

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The Doctor will See You Now

Prescription for Bliss: 1.  Read mantra on upper right corner of the blog home page 2.  Drive up 33 to the Cozy Dell Trail 3.  Imbibe the sensory cacophony that assaults you around every corner and up every hillside 4.  … Continue reading

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Taft and Beyond

We were lucky enough to get a tour up at our local Shagri-La formerly known as the Taft Gardens.  Home to literally thousands of native Californian, South African and Australian blooms set on hundreds of manicured acres. 

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