Mystery Solved Etc.

I’m agasp agape and a tad flabbergasted.  Ramblers are usually clambering over one another to tackle one of my botanical bushwacks.  But this week’s teaser was met with a deafening silence echoing somewhere in the realm of “beats the hell out of me”, or maybe just “I don’t give a rat’s hindquarters”.  Well I’m happy be of assistance to the utterers of the former, and I’ve got a few spring photos for the petulant latter.

Rupertia physodes

Common name, California Tea, though I prefer one of the other given names, “Rupert’s Scurf Pea”.  Some day I’d like a Scurf Pea named for me, I’d die a happy man.  So next time you are in Wills Canyon and you see a patch a little too shiny and pretty to be poison oak, exclaim to you companion whether human, animal or other, “damn that’s a sweet Rambler Scurf Pea”.

Have a lot of work leading up to this weekend’s big native plant sale down at the Ojai Museum so I figure it’s a good time to inundate you with some pictures from the past few weeks.  A veritable cornucopia of blooms from our local hills and dales, enjoy the show and feel free to send in your own,

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4 Responses to Mystery Solved Etc.

  1. Myrna says:

    Well, I searched snapdragon family and white flowers in my wild flower handbooks and came up with zero. So nice to have that mystery plant identified!

  2. doctorkdog says:

    I’m humbled and, at the same time, thrilled to be stumped by this plant that is brand new to me. I’ll admit I’ve never heard of it and still can’t find it anywhere in my various books (Munz, Jepson, Smith, Collins, McAuley, et al.). Congratulations on your find.

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