Going to the John

Oh.. don’t be such children… Potrero John, up Route 33 about 10 minutes past Rose Valley Road.   A steep canyon with water running year round, gently climbing to the north east.  There is a waterfall about 3 miles back though we didn’t make it this far.  Manning the Canon Rebel this time is Mrs. Rambler who had a rare weekday off.

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I know it’s not Friday yet but I’d like to do a little extra promotion for this weekend’s Native Plant/Treasure sale at the Ojai Museum.  Sarah and I will be there selling 2 inch and gallon pots of about a dozen different local species.  All seeds were collected locally and proceeds will go to help the museum continue to produce great programs all year round.  PR doyenne Myrna Cambianica sent me this press release:


The Ojai Valley Museum combines two fabulous shopping opportunities/fund raisers
on Saturday, May 12, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Help support the Exhibition and Outreach
Programs of the museum as you “go native” buying plants in the Back Courtyard, and
collecting Treasures in the Front Courtyard!!

With this 8th annual Native Plant Sale, the Ojai Valley Museum offers its membership
and the greater Ojai Valley community, numerous species and varieties of native and
drought resistant plants suitable for climate and water conditions of the Ojai Valley
and nearby southern California valley communities. Laurence Nicklin (Plantasia
Landscaping) and Scott Smith (Euterpe Farms) will be on hand to provide professional
advice about the care and maintenance of the specialty plants they have available for

In addition, for the first time, Friend’s Ranches of Ojai will be represented with Pixie
and Tango trees for sale. This is an extra special opportunity to add these Ojai-specific
fruit trees to your pastoral setting! Please note that according to federal quarantine law,
citrus trees cannot be transported out of the Ojai Valley. Only two trees will be sold per
household. Pixies and Tangos will be available for tasting the delectable fruit your new
trees will bear.

Jim Combs, Chairman of the Plant Sale Committee says, “Part of our mission at the
museum is to educate our community, so our plant sale includes Master Gardeners
providing gratis advice to shoppers, free mini-lecture(s) on relevant subjects, as well as
the expertise of the growers on hand.

For the third time in the 45-year history of the Ojai Valley Museum, the institution
combines a Treasure Sale with the Native Plant Sale. The front courtyard of the
museum will be dedicated to selling specially selected treasures, including de-
accessioned items from the museum’s permanent collection, personally solicited private
donations including original production animation cels, furniture, china, ‘objet d’art’,
kitchen ware, electronics, antiques, collectibles, framed art, and more! All items are of
pristine quality and fairly priced by volunteer experts!

As of last year, the combined Plant and Treasure Sales became an annual combined
fundraiser for the Ojai Valley Museum. Come help us by shopping this now yearly,
unique shopping opportunity! The museum’s goal is to raise $10,000 for its programs
and exhibitions by the end of the day!

I know, we’re not on there.  But trust me, we will be, with bells on.  Mention the Rambler and get your choice of a free 2” yucca or poppy with a purchase of $10 or more.

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9 Responses to Going to the John

  1. Thanks you Ron for the fabulous publicity! We appreciate you sharing our event with your constituency…after all, we are one big, happy, non-profit family in Ojai!

    Truly, Michele Ellis Pracy. Museum Director, Ojai Valley Museum.

  2. walktx says:

    Great pictures.

  3. doctorkdog says:

    Nice photos. I’ll be leading an Herb Walk there in June and will direct people here for a preview. You asked how/why that dried shrub forms like that. It happens to them during fires. They’re usually pointing up at first but eventually lean over.

    • ojairambler says:

      thanks Lanny.. that was my guess, some really cool ones on Matilija North fork as well… are those old ceanothus? does that only happen to certain types of shrubs?

      • doctorkdog says:

        I’m having to plumb the depths of my memory banks here….I believe it is one type of shrub and I think it is ceanothus but I’ll defer to anyone with a more confident answer. Might be a good question for Forest Botanist Lloyd Simpson at the Ojai Ranger District Office.

      • ojairambler says:

        sounds like Lloyd would be a valuable Rambler community member…

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