Days of May give Way to Gray

Don’t have enough time to pound on the ole keyboard as much as I’d like but I can at least send you off with some ideas for the long weekend and of course some pictures.  It’s May, if I can’t post some blooms I’m trapped in a cave.

Let’s start with last week’s mystery plant.  My phone pic didn’t draw many guesses but as soon as I posted this:

False indigo

Myrna couldn’t answer fast enough.  The leaves should send you running for Fabaceae, the pea family.  And those awesome burgundy stalks of flowers should lead you to False Indigo, a California native believe it or not.  I found two patches of these up Cozy Dell, within the first mile from 33, see if you can spot them next time.  But don’t take the seedpods, those are mine.

This weekend’s calendar has a little something for everyone.  Allen Bertke will be leading a beginner’s bird bonanza on Canada Larga Rd. (Luke was born at the ranch at the very end of the road if you care), the Ventura Audubon Society has been keeping quite busy this spring.  Doctor Lanny will be leading a hike through his old stomping grounds in San Antonio Creek up in Santa Barbara, a mellow level 5 mile hike for all ages.  And everyone’s favorite barefoot swami Joel Robinson will be leading you through the Santa Clara River area if you happen to be down at the coast.

Sarah and I went carousing around the Il Vento preserve next to Thacher school, usually one of the more impressive wildflower displays in Ojai.  While not quite as glorious as some previous years we had plenty to gawk at, including the most oddly situated patch of Scarlet Larkspur I’ve ever seen.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS… The Lady Queen Rambler Elisa will be manning the Book Store sale in town this weekend Saturday and Sunday, go say hi and buy some books for cryin out loud.

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1 Response to Days of May give Way to Gray

  1. ocdreader says:

    I know it isn’t a hike or about plants, but the Friends of the Ojai Valley Library booksale is this weekend in the library parking lot. Be sure to cruise by, prices are like the store: hardcovers are $2, large trade paperback $1.50 and mass market paperbacks are $0.50 – they can’t be beat!

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