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Is There a Lepidopterologist In the House?

My goals for this year (naturalistically speaking) were to learn our local native grasses and butterflies.  Well I know better than to show you galleries worth of rye and needle grass, but who doesn’t love pictures of butterflies.  Among the … Continue reading

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Sierra Hikes – McGee Creek

We like to do a hike on the morning of our way out of town, and the wonderful Kathy Rose and her friend Melinda were kind enough to give us a personal tour of McGee Creek.  Just south of Mammoth … Continue reading

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Eastern Sierra Hikes – Day 2 & 3

Day 2 we wanted to do a hike down in the town of Mammoth, chose the Duck Pass, elevation 9000 feet.  I had read about the ridiculous wind storm that roared through here in November that had left thousands of … Continue reading

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First Calendar of Summer

I would never ever forget the calendar…. Lanny will be up in Wheeler Gorge with Professor Jim Adams… from the press release, please pay attention: Herb Walks with Lanny Kaufer is proud to present an Herb Walk at Wheeler Gorge … Continue reading

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Eastern Sierras Day 1 – Glass Creek

Day 1.  Very woozy.  Not yet adjusted to the altitudes.  Dry mouth, throbbing skull, faint queasiness, these could all be symptoms of numerous other maladies but let’s chalk it up to the 8,100 foot trailhead elevation. Barely a mile from … Continue reading

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Rambler on the Road – The Interviews

The original plan was to hike each day, upload the pics when I got home and then post that evening.  Well here at the Sierra Suns condos my upload time has gone from 10 seconds per picture to 10 minutes. … Continue reading

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June June

Happy Monday Ramblinos, I’ve got a very special week lined up for y’all, sorry today’s post is just a teaser. Elisa, Luke and I are heading up to June Lake tomorrow morning for my first and last vacation of 2012.  … Continue reading

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