Monday Morning Mystery

Please check the updated events calendar, Tony at Nopalito is in the throes of some hockey induced mania and has great classes and events almost every weekend this month.  Audubon society will be leading hikes on Monday mornings right here in Ojai.  Still waiting to hear from CNPS.

On Friday the magnificent Molly and I headed up Sisar and decided to frolic a bit in the creek.  We came across this moisture-lovin’ beauty, just getting ready to bloom.  If you read my Rambling Resources, you should have no trouble tracking this lil’ bugger down:

Foliage had a lightly minty scent

About 3 feet tall average

Loving the dappled shade, flowers forming from the center stalk

Lanny, the 12 hour grace period for our intrepid solvers please… Everyone else let’s hear your answers.  Better yet go up Sisar and enjoy this one personally.

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4 Responses to Monday Morning Mystery

  1. Round-Leaf Boykinia
    Boykinia rotundifolia

    Herramienta is how you say tool is Spanish by the way.

  2. I think this was the snake we saw no? A garter.
    I’m looking forward to my tube socks.

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