Vine and Cheese

Cheese referring of course to my bloated ornate prose.  My tribute in rhyme to all those natives that love to wind, climb, crawl and snake.  Feeling a bit limericky today (no not Lime Rickey you alkies).  Please excuse the total lack of meter, grammar, syntax or anything resembling good taste at all.


A wren rides on a taut honeysuckle

Another and the stem starts to buckle

On the fruits they do snack

Til the perch it does crack

Pardon me while I have a brief chuckle

Wild cucumber

Climbing up is the lush wild cucumber

While below the wood rats they do slumber

With seeds pods so spiny

From flowers white ‘n tiny

A huge root I cannot try to number

Wild sweet pea

Kudos to our wild native pea

Winding up my ole live oak tree

The pink, white and yellow

The gallant stout fellow

Chock-full of pollen for friend bee

Chaparral clematis

Clematis scales the branches high and low

Over thirty wending feet she can grow

With pods all big and hairy

O’er the wind seeds will carry

It dies back in the winter dontchya know?

Heart leaf penstemon

Gawking at the plant with heart-shaped leaf

Hummingbirds involved in such a beef

Which is the right vector

To sip that sweet nectar

Penstemon I sighed, oh my Good Grief!

Wild morning glory

White flowers beam the glory of Morning

And close back up by noon without warning

The harsh Ojai sauna

A challenge for fauna

That mad black skunk could use some shorning

I think my IQ just dropped writing that, hopefully you fared better.  Congrats to the Queen of the DR Sarah T for identifying Monday’s mystery plant. This moisture loving native is a close cousin of the backyard favorite coral bells.  Meet round leafed boykinia:

Boykinia rotundifolia

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