Creatures Great and Greater

Check out this weekend’s event calendar, some late and somewhat great additions.  David Torfeh will be leading a California Native Plant Society hike up the Mishe Mokwa trail in Newbury Park, identifying the plants and birds of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Sandstone peak from Mishe

Antonio down at Nopalito will be teaching a native plant propagation class.  Tony is the one who originally taught me my propagating chops, look at me now.  Straight from the Mexican horse’s (burro, right?) mouth…

Nopalito is proud to offer the only hands-on workshop in Ventura County on growing your own California Native plants from scratch!  Nopalito co-owner Antonio Sanchez guides you thru this 2 hour+ class, teaching you all you need to know to get started at home growing your favorite native plants from seed, by stem cutting or by divisions!  Just think, after you graduate this mini-college class, you can start your own nursery and put us out of business, or at least grow so many of your own plants that we never see you again!  Workshop takes place at Nopalito Native Plant Nursery, and all necessary tools and materials will be supplied.

On to the many creepy crawlies… first I swear I’ve been seeing these about, though I haven’t been able to get a picture yet:

Who you calling skink?

This fine fellow was sunning himself for Sarah and I on Tuesday:

California whipsnake

Also known as a “striped racer”, these chaparral cruisers can actually climb up into the branches of a bush to hunt for critters or eggs.

This guy was in the middle of the trail of Wills Canyon, not far from the rapidly disappearing creek crossing.  I don’t know much about tortoises, does he belong out here?

I’m a little lost…

We’ve run into cows in Rice canyon before, but these guys reeeeallly didn’t want to let us pass, we had to run up into the scrub and go around

You shall not pass!!!!

Finally, I’m trying to learn my butterflies, found this pretty good site that narrows it down a bit, if anyone knows of a site more specific to our area…

Swallowtail on a California thistle – Sisar

Chalcedon checkerspot on a Yerba Santa up Sisar

We saw at least 5 different butterflies up Sisar last Thursday, these were the only two polite enough to wait for us.

Finally this guy was kind enough to pause for 5 seconds…

Pale swallowtail in Cozy Dell canyon

Finally, this lovely lady is chillin’ out in my garage for the last few weeks:

Black widow

Have a great weekend Ramblers….

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One Response to Creatures Great and Greater

  1. Cows and spiders and skinks – oh my! Some fun animals you have run across. But I am sorry, that lovely lady in the garage needs to move out.

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