How Does the Garden Grow

Just fine thanks.  It’s still spring (barely), no one wants to hear my rambling, enjoy the pics.

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5 Responses to How Does the Garden Grow

  1. Myrna says:

    we have mainly veggies and fruit here in our garden … time to tuck in a few native flowers! thanks for ramble through your garden

  2. Judith Gustafson says:

    Just read an email from Nopalito about the nursery closing …

    • ojairambler says:

      Yes Tony mentioned to me.. so sad.. big sale on the 30th. I will definitely have a post or two between now and then. We need to lobby Flora Gardens to carry more natives.s

  3. ocdreader says:

    That desert willow flower is gorgeous! I can’t wait for next year when we have more than one bloom 🙂

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