Try to Contain Yourself

Three, count ’em three events on the calendar for this final weekend of spring.  Two for the home gardeners and one for the explorers.  One right here in Ojai, one right off the 101 in Ventura, one traipsing the hills of Calabasas.  Can’t do all three, going to have to pick one.

Tired of shelling out the big bucks for fertilizers and soil amendments?  Come down to the Ojai Demonstration Garden behind city hall where master gardener Jessica Craven will be teaching everyone how to turn their kitchen and garden scraps into steaming piles of nutritious compost.

Down at the eastern tip of Ventura County (or is it western LA), Doctor Lanny will be leading an Herb Walks expedition up the Stunt High trail for his very first official foray to the region.  Some soothing words from the Lanster:

I’m including a few photos from a couple of weeks ago when Rondia and I went down to scope out the trail. What we found up there in the Calabasas Hills is a pretty deep canyon coming out of the the north-facing side of the upper Santa Monica Mountains. As virtually all our accessible Ojai canyons are south-facing, the orientation makes for a little different environment. For example, we started out in chaparral with Purple Sage, Yucca, and the usual suspects but once we descended into the canyon on a Ceanothus-and-Oak-shaded path, a few minutes later we found the reclusive Stream Orchid in the creek. So there was a nice mix of chaparral, oak woodland and riparian with a wide variety of plants all within a 15-minute walk on a pleasant trail. In that short stretch we identified 47 species of trees, plants and ferns with only one non-native among them. Saw a Variable Checkerspot down by the creek but we weren’t around long enough to see what it was feeding on. There was even a bench! So this place is a find. I hope the locals aren’t upset with me for the shout-out.  Thanks for your continuing support.

Finally, some sad news today from Antonio down at Nopalito.  After 3 years as the sole native plant dealer in our county, we will have to get our fix somewhere else come August.  Starting June 30th everything will be on sale through the end of July, but fear not Antonio will continue to make his presence felt.  Saturday he will be giving a class on “Natives in Containers”, a topic near and dear to my heart.  After a few teaser pictures for Lanny’s hike enjoy some of my container successes (there have been oh so many failures).

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