June June

Happy Monday Ramblinos, I’ve got a very special week lined up for y’all, sorry today’s post is just a teaser.

Elisa, Luke and I are heading up to June Lake tomorrow morning for my first and last vacation of 2012.  I’m not a snow person, nor am I a getting mauled by mosquitoes sort of guy, so this is my favorite time of year to be up in the Eastern Sierras.  We’ve got 4 days of hikes and unfettered natural glory lined up and I hope to keep you all on the edge of your collective seats.  I may even have a few local plant gurus to give us the low down on whats blooming and where, it’s a totally different world up there at elevation.

Just need to see what the internet connection is like up at the condo, if upload times are disastrous, pics might have to wait next week.

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