Sierra Hikes – McGee Creek

We like to do a hike on the morning of our way out of town, and the wonderful Kathy Rose and her friend Melinda were kind enough to give us a personal tour of McGee Creek.  Just south of Mammoth and north of Toms Place, this was the lowest elevation hike we did, but man was it windy, steady 20 mph with gusts over 40.

Kathy is actually a local, a retired English teacher from Santa Barbara, avid supporter of the CNPS and Santa Barbara Land Trust.  Besides knowing every plant, she is also a birder, geologist, entomologist, and quite the raconteur.  Just want to thank her again for being so generous with her time, she’s a true Rambler.

Before I get to the pictures I want to plug this book that Kathy recommended.  You may know the work of John Muir Laws, writer and illustrator of literally dozens of field guides.  Last year he released the Field Guide to the Sierras, and trust me it is astonishing.  In depth yet simple, beautiful, well organized, very much geared for the amateur but an expert would surely find useful tidbits as well.  Not just plants but all the birds, bugs, mammals, fish, and reptiles, not to mention, cobwebs, scat, tracks and even some astronomy.  I am praying someone is doing this for Ventura County.

Enjoy the last batch of photos, I hope you didn’t mind the excursion, will be getting back to our county on Friday.

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2 Responses to Sierra Hikes – McGee Creek

  1. Lanny Kaufer says:

    Nice! We have those same Red Columbines in our backcountry creeks. Beautiful!

  2. chuck says:

    Thanks again E, Ron and Luke! Actually starting this summer’s backpack trip from McGee in August. Looking forward to it so very much as i haven’t been through there yet.

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