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Bloom of the Month – July

Like last month’s hero, white yarrow, the bloom of the month for July is not a showstopper or a home garden favorite.  More than likely you won’t show up to a dinner party with a bundle of these on your … Continue reading

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Dawg Days

Are here… Though surprisingly there’s some fun stuff on the calendar, the weather has been perfect and there’s no reason to be watching the paint dry/grass grow.

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Everyday Flora – Mugshot

This month’s Joe Sixpack, thankless cog, common schlub, Queen of the Quotidian, a virtual dyed-in-the-wool worker bee.  It’s family (Asteraceae) is the most populous in world, (some might argue Orchidaceae but let’s not get into that) and the genus has … Continue reading

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Eastern Sierras – One Last Stop

First of all kudos, props and a thunderous round of applause for the Divine Miss Termondt for identifying last week’s mystery plant.  Armed with nothing but an out of focus, poorly lit picture and the entire interwebs worth of California … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Worms

…And thank you Pink Floyd for the title of today’s lesson and for years of psychedelic bombast.  Quite a nasty little song actually, a free autographed Ojai Rambler hockey puck to the first reader who can name what album it … Continue reading

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Summer Rain and Everything Bagels

Welcome neglecterinos to an odd stormy looking Friday, I hope I get pelted with drizzle again today.  If there is anything I miss most from my 30 years in New York it is summer rain (and bagels and pizza and … Continue reading

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It’s A Family Affair vol. 3 – You’re All Nuts

For this edition we will take a closer look at Anacardaciae, better known as the cashew family.  Primarily a tropical family, we have a surprising diversity of local representatives ranging from viney creepers to large gnarly trees.  Believe it or … Continue reading

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