Lazy Days of Summer

I apologize, I should have warned you.  You awoke on this overcast holiday Wednesday morning full of promise and anticipation.  Poured yourself a tall steamy glass of crabjuice and grabbed a limburger scone, settled down in front of your Commodore 64.  Cracked your knuckles and put on your Rambler Readin’ Beret, and alas… the usual Wednesday fount of photos was quiet, only Monday’s enthralling post mocking you.

The blooms have slowed, the weekend events are scarce, so the Rambler’s gonna be cutting down the posts a bit.  I will still keep the calendar up to date and will still try to amaze you with my wit and photographic grandeur once a week.  Don’t shake your head and cluck your tongue at my apparent lapse in motivation,  I have a new and exciting project.

When I met the wonderful Kathy Rose up at McGee Creek for our hike she immediately handed me a printed sheet with about 75 plant names and 20 birds that we would be most likely to spot on the hike.  Plant checklists are not a new idea, David Magney of CNPS has some amazingly thorough lists that are available here.  But I wanted to make a amateur friendly list, with plants arranged by size and color, with common names first.  I would love help, please don’t be shy about contacting me if you want to come along as a scribe or help ID.   Summer probably isn’t the greatest time to embark on this but I will just get the lists started and add as the seasons pass.

Still some fun pics to share.  A few cool blooms over the last 2 weeks from me, then Lauren & Todd of the OVLC field crew took a hike up Kennedy Ridge all the way to El Camino Cielo.  Almost 2 hours but oh man the views, I will get up there soon I promise.

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