Dawg Days

Are here… Though surprisingly there’s some fun stuff on the calendar, the weather has been perfect and there’s no reason to be watching the paint dry/grass grow.

On Saturday Joel will be leading one of his trademark Wet’n’Wild Excursions (patent pending) up the Sespe river for an overnight hootenanny.  Legend has it that late at night if the moon is just right Joel’s beard glows and emits what sounds like Beethoven’s Seventh symphony… Any participants please confirm or deny…

Right here in the Ojai Demonstration Garden Donna Dublin wants you all to put on your learning caps (fedoras, tams, berets whatever ya got):

Summertime is herb time in the City of Ojai Community Demonstration Garden. At this free workshop, herbal and nutritional counselor Carol Wade of Sea of Grace will share tips that will help you stay cool and healthy this summer. Learn about cooling ice and sun teas, herbal first aid for cuts, scrapes, and sunburn, herbs for insect repellents, upset stomachs and motion sickness that you can use this summer, whether you are at home or on the road. Carol will also discuss the cultivation and best times to harvest these helpful herbs. Seating on the benches is limited, so feel free to bring a chair for a comfortable seat

That’s 10AM Saturday behind the police station in Ojai.  We have an herb garden.. looks great for about 8 months.. Looks like a big mess of stems and dried out blooms now.  I don’t water much in the summer, if it lives it lives.

The Lanny will be having one final hike before he sails off til September.  Head down to the fringes of our valley for an amble:

Ojai-based Herb Walks with Lanny Kaufer (www.HerbWalks.com) will visit a Southern Steelhead Trout habitat on the Ventura River on Sunday, July 29 from 9 to 11:30 am. The walk will take place on the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy’s Foster Park Area Preserve. Participants can expect a nature walk short in distance but full of information on the plants and wildlife of the riparian habitat.

The focus of the Herb Walk will be on identifying wild native and naturalized plants and learning about the many ways that they have can be used for food, medicine, wildcrafting, foraging, survival, landscaping and more. With a little luck there may be a Steelhead Trout sighting as well. The Steelhead is a sea-run (anadromous) Rainbow Trout usually returning to freshwater to spawn after two to three years at sea. Rainbow Trout and Steelhead Trout are the same species. The Southern California population is on the Federal list of Endangered Species.

Kaufer is offering the senior/student rate of $15 per person to everyone for this one special event. Kids 5-12 can go free with an adult by prior arrangement. Toddlers must be in a carrier. No dogs, please.

Oh Lanny, it’s not a hike if you can’t have your best furry friend along.  Herb Walks needs a dog-friendly offshoot, I may or may not be volunteering.

Finally if anyone wants to help out OVLC’s native plant nursery Elisa will be leading a seed gathering hike at the Ventura River Preserve at around 8:30 Saturday, followed by nursery time with me around 10.  We have a ton of baby plants to move up, seeds to plant, stuff for folks of all skill and attention levels.  Contact me if you are interested.

Pictures are hard to come by this time of year (vacationers I’m looking at you… HELP!!) so I am posting some of our pics from the Sierras last year.  In no particular order these are from Convict Lake, Parker Lake, Sherwin Lakes and Rock Creek.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 Responses to Dawg Days

  1. Lanny Kaufer says:

    Speaking of the Eastern Sierras, it sounds like you’re fishing for comments (or maybe picking a bone?) about the exclusion of dogs from my walks and hikes. The main reason they’re not welcome is that they tend to rub up against the poison oak and unwittingly spread the offending oil from their fur to the Herb Walkers’ skin. If you have a solution for that, I’m all ears.

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