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Bloom of the Month – August

New calendar is out… And now for something completely different: Let’s be honest there’s not exactly a plethora of choices this time of year.  That however should not detract from this month’s winner; boasting beauty brawn and style to spare, … Continue reading

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Everyday Flora- August edition

Whomever can name, without cheating, the devilishly delightful album that closed with this tune wins a glazed ham.  I swear this video looks like my old Queens neighborhood. It’s that time again.  My semi-regular salute to natives lacking the bombast … Continue reading

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Now Blooming on a Trail near you

It’s late summer.  It hasn’t rained since April, and probably won’t for another two months.  Nothing can possibly bloom in this oppressive cauldron some call Ojai.  I’m just gonna stay in the air conditioning and watch MASH reruns… gee that … Continue reading

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Rambler Reference Guide

Introducing a new and mildly exciting feature… For years I have assiduously learned the myriad plants that festoon my daily perambulations.  With no botanical background whatsoever I have continued to refer to stems as “sticks” and describe leaves as “football … Continue reading

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Beauty and the Beard (and Brad)

Ever wonder how the trails down at the Ojai Meadow Preserve or river bottom preserve stay so nice and neat you just wanna eat lunch off of them?  Is it magic? Trail fairies?  Do they hire goats to snack in … Continue reading

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Abundant Brevity, Scant Wit

First person to identify the source of “Brevity is the soul of wit” gets an autographed Ojai Rambler shoe horn. The August event calendar is up and surprisingly abustle. Few pics today, I place the entire blame for that squarely … Continue reading

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