Now Blooming on a Trail near you

It’s late summer.  It hasn’t rained since April, and probably won’t for another two months.  Nothing can possibly bloom in this oppressive cauldron some call Ojai.  I’m just gonna stay in the air conditioning and watch MASH reruns… gee that Loretta Swit’s got nothing on Sally Kellerman, get rid of this Winchester guy I’m a Frank Burns man….

Snap out of it!  Stuff is still blooming and beautiful even if it isn’t quite as heart-rendingly luxurious as mid-April.  You just need a little patience, some extra drinking water and the Rambler guide to tell you where to look.

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3 Responses to Now Blooming on a Trail near you

  1. doctorkdog says:

    Nice stuff, Ron. Did you know that Brickellbush is renowned for its night fragrance? I first discovered it on a moonlight hike up Sisar Canyon once upon a time.

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