New York State of Mind

I grew up in the 80’s on Long Island, so yes, I was severely overexposed to the pop twinklings of Mr. William Joel.  Cheesy yes, but very catchy.  Oh pipe down,  I can only imagine what I’d find on your Ipod.

Weekend events are picking up so get out there and enjoy the vestiges of summer (pretty darn hot for vestiges).

A couple of weeks ago I had my first ever west coast visit by my New York brother and his family.  In addition to being an artist and teacher he is quite handy with the camera.  I dragooned him into lugging the Canon as we explored the Ventura River Preserve from each end.   First half of the pics are from Old Baldwin, then a march up Kennedy Ridge.  For fun I threw in a few of my favorite pictures from his website, some juxtaposition for your viewing pleasure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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1 Response to New York State of Mind

  1. ocdreader says:

    Adding his stuff makes it an interesting mix! Plants and bridges. 🙂 love it He took some really fun pics

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