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Ode to the Bears

Let’s all just hope that Momma and baby bears go their ways and we won’t need to call out the national guard again and we can all enjoy our forests safely. In tribute I offer up a creepily beautiful video … Continue reading

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Autumn Leaves

Another in a 37 part series whereby I try to edify myself and my loyal readers about the rarefied world of local native botany.  I find that having a better grasp on the terminology makes identification easier and more rewarding.  … Continue reading

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Mid-Week Mystery

It’s been a long time since we’ve been stumped so I thought I’d throw this out there for the general populace.  The divine Sarah T. found this pudgy pod up in Santa Barbara.  When she cut it open it leaked … Continue reading

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Bird Song

I’ve been trying to sneak Jerry & the Boys into a post for months… It’s a bit of a shoehorn but I guess I’m still giddy from Sunday night’s Furthur show. On to Ojai’s bird songs… Summer is finally over, … Continue reading

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Love for Sale

That’s right… appetizing yummy packages of chlorophyll for sale… When I first started this blog oh so many eons ago I swore there would be no ads, no monetizing, popups, popunders, popovers, blind links or any shenanigans.  Well those days … Continue reading

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