Love for Sale

That’s right… appetizing yummy packages of chlorophyll for sale…

When I first started this blog oh so many eons ago I swore there would be no ads, no monetizing, popups, popunders, popovers, blind links or any shenanigans.  Well those days are over.  No I haven’t sold the Rambler to Patagonia (though there have been overtures).  However I would like to return from Saturday’s native plant fundraiser with little more than dirty fingernails and a sunburn.  It’s very depressing loading the truck back with unsold plants to return to the nursery.  I swear if you are quiet you can even hear them weeping, unwanted unloved and unpurchased.  So let’s go over this nice and slow so you can tell your Aunt Mabel and no one will be confused:

WHO:  The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy.  And me of course.  Maybe Elisa.  Not Luke though, he would be nipping your ankles and sniffing your nethers while you are trying to shop.  This is him hard at work in the nursery

Go ahead rabbits, make my day

WHATA native plant sale/fundraiser, our very first.  And Help of Ojai’s monthly swap meet.  Nothing to do with each other, just thought it would be good to get some foot traffic.  Plants will not be available for swapping for anything other than cold hard cash (or major credit cards or checks).  Please don’t pay in pennies.

WHERE:  The mysterious cluster of buildings/farmland off of Baldwin Road.  Home of the Raptor Center, a community garden, Help of Ojai, and a helicopter pad.  I will be giving helicopter rides after the sale to one lucky customer.  OK not really.  I’m hoping there will be signs to guide.  Leave your Hummer at home, the roads are crazy narrow.

WHEN:  8-12 on Saturday.  I’ve got some folks asking about alternate times as they have prior obligations.  Not sure how I can help, send a plant proxy.

WHY:  Why the heck not.  These are your plants grown from your seeds from your preserves.  I just gave them a few months of TLC.  The money will go towards purchasing, protecting and preserving current and future wilderness in and around Ojai.

DETAILS PLEASE!  :  All gallon pots, 8 clams.  2” pots, 4 smackers.  Pretty simple.  No haggling, no negotiating.  Subject to availability I should have (click for relevant Rambler story) :

If you’re looking for pretty colors:

I’ll have quite a few purple nightshade, not blooming yet but in a month or two:

Solanum xantii

And last month’s Bloom of the Month fuchsia:

For those looking for some home remedies mixed with beautiful blooms I’ll have past Bloom of the Month white yarrow:

And some mugwort, about the only bloom you’ll see on my table right now

If you, like Myrna are battling those nasty Bagrada bugs and want to encourage beneficial insects look no further than buckwheat:

And of course my favorite and past bloom of the month Milkweed… I will also have fifty 2” milkweed pots so don’t be shy about grabbing an armful

For those who crave enticing aromas wafting through the garden I’ll have sagebrush:

And some white sage:

For hummingbird lovers grab the fuchsia while they last, but if you are too late I should have almost 20 hummingbird sages:

For the ultimate in drought tolerance, dramatic beauty and maiming ability I will have a dozen Yucca

Finally I’ll have a few rare natives rarely if ever found in the nursery, get them while they’re hot… Brickellbush:

And sawtooth goldenbush:

Looking forward to seeing everyone down there on Saturday, bring the whole family…And if you bring me the carcasses of 100 bagrada bugs I’ll give you a free plant.

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1 Response to Love for Sale

  1. Myrna Cambianica says:

    I will take those Bagrada carcasses . . . they are supposed to be a good repellant for Bagradas!

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