Ode to the Bears

Let’s all just hope that Momma and baby bears go their ways and we won’t need to call out the national guard again and we can all enjoy our forests safely.

In tribute I offer up a creepily beautiful video by one of my favorite bands in the world (I know, they were black, not grizzly), and a gorgeous batch of pictures that the Ramblette and her mom took on Gridley in July of 2011.  Let them both inspire us and remind what mother nature can do when she’s in the mood; both beauty and the beast deserve our respect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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1 Response to Ode to the Bears

  1. ocdreader says:

    What gorgeous pictures! 🙂
    My hike this morning was so sad and dry and depressed. I hope we get a goodly amount of rain to enjoy a flower-works show like last year! I LOVE the buckwheat pictures, those flowers look huge because they are so close up and I think we need to blow up the lily picture for our red wall. Fun

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