The Impudence of Youth

Something new and relatively fun today, what my Games Magazine calls “Eyeball Benders“.  These are very close up pictures of common local native plants showing their fresh young growth of winter.  They were all taken in the last week on local Ojai trails.  See if you can guess them cold, after the pics I will have a list of plants, match the letters to the numbers.

But wait, there’s 10 pictures but 13 plant names!! That’s because I’m a diabolical SOB… The letters of the 3 unused plants when scrambled properly will spell a favorite locale for both me and my plants.  First person to send me that word in the comments gets a free acupuncture session.  I don’t know much about acupuncture but I saw a video on YouTube and I think I get the general idea.

A.  Greenbark ceanothus

B. California buckwheat

C. Elderberry

D. Coastal sagebrush

E. Toyon

F. Golden Yarrow

G. Heart leaf penstemon

H. Hummingbird sage

I. Fuchsia flowered gooseberry

J. Deerweed

K.  Laurel Sumac

L. Prickly phlox

M.  Chaparral currant

Lacking that competitive spirit and just want the darned answers???

1C, 2F, 3J, 4L, 5K, 6M, 7A, 8G, 9H, 10I

Enjoy the weekend.

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One Response to The Impudence of Youth

  1. Myrna says:

    yeah … the answers … thanks Ron

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