Top o’ the Year to Ya

Happy New Years Ramblers… January’s event calendar is up offering a plethora of pleasant plant-related playtime (if you please)… Not to mention a virtual avalanche of avian avocational activities (if you aren’t averse).

I was writing this week’s article and I got bored, not a good sign for you the readers… So instead a brief observation and a creative flourish and I’ll let you get on your merry way.

Are you folks noticing these leaves in the shade on all your hikes???

Pholistoma auritum

Pholistoma auritum

Yup it’s gonna be a huge year for fiesta flower.  Related to phacelia it has super hairy/sticky deeply lobed leaves that are literally everywhere in the deep to part shade.

I’ve seen them in great abundance so far on Cozy Dell, just down from the Rice parking lot at the Ventura River preserve and up Laguna Ridge.  Most likely around Casitas as well, I’m not paying to hike anymore these days.  Anyway if you tear off a leaf (be gentle please) you can affix it to your shirt, kind of a dorky declaration of your native plant affinity.


Yes I’m aware that I could benefit from a manssiere.

I just love when certain plants pick one year to go bonkers.  We should have carpets of purple come May.

Finally, a few Rambler related resolutions:

  • Learn 5 new local native plants
  • Spot 20 new local birds and try to keep my bird count for the year
  • Try 3 edible local natives (elderberry wine anyone?)
  • Stop and smell the ceanothus and everything else on the trail that strikes my fancy
  • Try and appreciate the bounteous beauty of my hikes instead of seething about stuff like that lady who yelled at me about having the dog off leash on the OMP (she was super rude)
  • Keep Luke on leash on the OMP
  • Have 3 new plant propagation successes (rooting for Bush Lupine, bush poppy and hairy ceanothus)
  • Turn 3 new people on to native plants
  • Pick up litter on the trails, provided it’s not too gross
  • Keep getting other people to take my blog pictures for me (hint hint nudge nudge)
  • Continue ramblin’ unabashedly
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1 Response to Top o’ the Year to Ya

  1. ocdreader says:

    good luck with those resolutions!

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