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Addenda, Ephemera & Miscellany

Before you become so deeply engrossed in my musings that you plunge into a state of catatonia, awakening in a puddle of drool and Earl Grey tea sometime Saturday afternoon, have a gander at this weekend’s event calendar.

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The Somewhat Definitive Guide to Local Ceanothus

What better way to start off your day than with a dose of oxymoron.  For years the identification of our local ceanothus (no it’s not ceanothuses or ceanothi) has driven me literally batty.  Queries to local experts were of limited … Continue reading

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Monday Mornin’ Mystery

Yeah I know the picture stinks, gotta keep you on your toes.  Found on Rice Creek trail, in the shade, 6 inches tall.  First one with the right answer gets a free Ojai Rambler oven mitt.

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Return to Sulfur Mountain

Sounds scary no?  Well don’t fear, it’s just the triumphant return of the Lannerminator…  After a full slate of activities on Saturday, Lanny has Sunday all to himself for his first guided jaunt of the season.  Still a couple of … Continue reading

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Bloom of the Month for January: 2013 Version

Can’t believe we made it this far.  I started rambling January of last year and my goal was to make it one full turn of the calendar.  Well I limped a bit towards the end but here we are.  February’s … Continue reading

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