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Holly Leave me Cheery

Is it too early in the morning for a groan-inducing native plant pun?  I apologize, just thought it was a knee-slapping way to introduce today’s interview victim…er… subject. Brian Holly is a hardcore Ojai local, OVLC board member, biologist at … Continue reading

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Erin & Elisa’s Excellent Adventure

Elisa and her pal from LA Erin hit Gridley on Sunday morning for a warm and wonderful wander.  Not only did they return with a veritable treasure trove of pictures, but the poor achy lasses followed up by helping me … Continue reading

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Multitude of Pulchritude

Greetings and welcome to my colorful corner of the interwebs.  What I lack in chatter I will more than make up for in photos of the glory that is spring in Ojai.  This week’s gallery features photos from no less … Continue reading

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All You Need is Cluff

OK I know it’s a tad cheesy, but if you don’t at least smile as you watch this video you may very well be an android… like straight out of Blade Runner, programmed so well that you don’t even realize … Continue reading

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Elisa Conquers the Ridge

So much good stuff on the calendar this weekend, something for everyone.  As part of their “Wild about Ojai” series OVLC presents an Introductory Wildlife Tracking walk at the Old Baldwin trail head with the Channel Islands Tracking Club.  The … Continue reading

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Winter Blooms at the Chez Rambler

As our “winter” gives way to spring wanted to share a brief tour through the yard, courtesy of Elisa’s deft work behind the lens.

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G*dd@mn Southern California Winters

OK sorry for the blasphemy so early in the day.  I’ve lived here in California for almost 7 years and once.. just once I want to hear a local say, “wow what a normal winter we are having”.  I’m not … Continue reading

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