Elisa Conquers the Ridge

So much good stuff on the calendar this weekend, something for everyone.  As part of their “Wild about Ojai” series OVLC presents an Introductory Wildlife Tracking walk at the Old Baldwin trail head with the Channel Islands Tracking Club.  The flyer says it’s “hands-on”, so please wash thoroughly before lunch.

If footprints and scat aren’t your thing why not head down to Theodore Payne and learn native plant propagation from the experts Tim and Madena… And last but not least Doktor Dawg Lanny will be leading a hike on Sunday up to Matilija, I want to see some ceanothus pics from somebody.

For your viewing pleasure… what can I say, Elisa is on a roll.  She took the magnificent photos last week on Laguna Ridge, it’s getting pretty darn gorgeous up there.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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1 Response to Elisa Conquers the Ridge

  1. ocdreader says:

    Those are some lovely pictures – now you need to get some snow on the ridge pics! Gorgeous this morning!!

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