All You Need is Cluff

OK I know it’s a tad cheesy, but if you don’t at least smile as you watch this video you may very well be an android… like straight out of Blade Runner, programmed so well that you don’t even realize that you are an android.

In addition to the bevy of botanical baubles currently on the event calendar a late entry has monopolized my mind and accosted my attention.

You pass by it every day on your way in and out of downtown Ojai.  Some of you may remember a Shell gas station and then years of decay.  Then the Cluff family, along with OVLC and the Ojai City Council took over in 2001 and by 2002 we had our very own native plant park.

David Magney has a great page with pictures and related articles and maps you can see here.

Unfortunately, money and interest has run low on the maintenance front.  Jesse Grantham approached me about starting up a grass-roots maintenance and planting crew, and tomorrow is our first day of weed attack.  The ground will be moist so just bring your favorite trowel or weed-pullin’ tool and come help out at 10am.  We are hoping to have a few clean up sessions in anticipation of some new plantings in the fall.

Bring the kiddies, this is the easy part.  Ojai pixies for all, I’ll have you out of there by noon the latest.

I did a recon mission on Wednesday:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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