Erin & Elisa’s Excellent Adventure

Elisa and her pal from LA Erin hit Gridley on Sunday morning for a warm and wonderful wander.  Not only did they return with a veritable treasure trove of pictures, but the poor achy lasses followed up by helping me water down at the Old Baldwin trail head.  By schlepping 50 gallons (over 400 pounds) of water down there I all but guaranteed that it will indeed rain next weekend, you are welcome Southern California.

So we’ve got a mystery plant mixed in, it’s extra challenging because its flowers have  not fully opened yet.  I genuinely am not sure on this one but have a good idea.  Elisa and Erin were also lucky enough to stumble across the super rare and delicately beautiful Ojai Fritillary.

Also mixed in a few other pictures from various local Ramblings.

Identify the mystery plant and receive a 1 gallon California Fuchsia, I’ll even dig the hole.

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EDIT: Sorry folks that is definitely not Mustang Mint, I think I just liked the name.  I’m now guessing Rose Clover, a non-native.

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12 Responses to Erin & Elisa’s Excellent Adventure

  1. lanny says:

    Mustang mint!! How cool! Was that on Gridley? Near the springs? I believe your mystery plant is….wait a minute. Am I allowed to play?

  2. lanny says:

    On closer examination, while the flower looks similar, I believe this is Tomcat Clover (Trifolium tridentatum) which would make more sense.

  3. Sarah says:

    Boechera sparsiflora! Shoot, I’m too late 🙂
    Nice find Ronaldo.

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