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Kites of Spring

This weekend Lanny will be leading a hike near and dear to my heart.  The annual “Walk-n-Roll” is the world’s only wheelchair accessible nature hike and happens to take place on the trail we’ve been trying so hard to restore.  … Continue reading

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Say it slow, phonetically… Not one guess on the mystery plant, too tough for you wimps? Here was my picture And here’s what I think the answer is The Mission woodland-star is in the Saxifrage family, like the boykinia we … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery

I’ve done more than enough shilling for the OVLC sale on Saturday.  Believe it or not there is another native plant sale going on for any of you East Ventura folks.  The California Native Plant Society is holding a sale … Continue reading

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Sale Details without Fail

We’re in a bit of a pickle over at the OVLC nursery.  With summer looming there are far too many gorgeous plants that will require three-times-weekly waterings and we (I) need your help.   Our cup doth truly overfloweth. All of … Continue reading

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Know Thine Enemies

Before I elaborate on the ominous title I have the great pleasure to announce that next Saturday OVLC will be hosting its first ever Earth Day native plant sale at our nursery.  The sale is in conjunction with the Earth … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

OK OK I get it… My inbox was flooded when I cavalierly skipped the “Bloom of the Month” for March.  Such vituperative venom and vehemence, I was verily vexed.  Humblest apologies and prostrations, I planned to remedy this abomination until… … Continue reading

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