Know Thine Enemies

Before I elaborate on the ominous title I have the great pleasure to announce that next Saturday OVLC will be hosting its first ever Earth Day native plant sale at our nursery.  The sale is in conjunction with the Earth Play 2013 event going on at the Oak Grove School.  Enjoy the myriad educational opportunities as well as music food and fun, then putter on down Besant Road right around the corner and visit me and a whole heckuva a lot of native plants.  Besides the regular stuff I should have quite a few California fuchsias, hummingbird sage, white yarrow and maybe even some itty bitty monkeyflowers.

As for the paraphrasing of Sun Tzu… This week a crew has begun the “monitoring” for the numerous flag-addled areas where you have seen the handiwork of Rick & his planting crew .  Our job is to quantify how well the plants are doing, which includes not only the coyote brushes and sages but all the nasty uninvited pushy non-natives as well.  I meant to send this gallery of “wanted dead or alive” to the whole crew of monitors, but I thought you all might want to learn a few and who knows, even lend a hand.

So if you see any of these, feel free to pluck that obnoxious flower head right off.  For every flower you decapitate that’s a few less seeds for next year’s crop.  And if you feel uncomfortable with the wanton murder of these dastardly interlopers than please at very least shoot a disparaging gaze in their direction and maybe even growl a bit.  I’ve heard that some non-natives will wither in the presence of concerted disdain, so don’t be shy.

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